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I’m so sick of females blaming the males they fuck with for their lack or orgasm all the time.

Do you speak up?

Do you tell him what you want?

Do you take the initiative to change positions?

Do you inquire about how experienced he is?

Y’all out here faking orgasms and bad mouthing men when y’all ladies have done not even the bare minimum to change the situation.

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Saying white people have no right to talk about hip-hop culture is like saying black people have no right to talk about American culture. Just because people of a certain race originally manifested something doesn’t make it is forever exclusive to the innovators’ skin tone. Evolution and change is an inevitable part of everything you’ll ever know and love. The sooner you understand this the better.


Evolution of the Desk (1980-2014)

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this is progressive yet sad.

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Jon B, “They Don’t Know” from Cool Relax (Epic, 1997)

Legendary track.

This album was the original take care.. just better

^ I said the EXACT same thing to my best friend

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Today’s thoughts.

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